IHME at the Night of Science

IHME is taking part in the Night of Science taking place in Kruunuhaka district in Helsinki on Jan 16th 2020 at 6-10 pm. At the event, located in Sofia Future Farm’s Tearoom, there’s a discussion about intersections of art, science and environmental questions.  The IHME Project 2018, artist Henrik Håkanson’s THE BEETLE film will be screened at the same space. The event is free of charge and open to everyone who wish to know more!

6-8 pm Discussion about art, science and environment

IHME Helsinki, Bioart Society and the Climate Whirl are all working in the intersection of contemporary art, science and ecological topics – all in their own way. IHME produces commissioned art works in the public sphere. The invited artists combine the field of science in their artistic work.  Bioart Society is developing and producing activities around art and natural sciences with an emphasis on biology, ecology and life sciences. Climate Whirl is an arts program at Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR), University of Helsinki that focuses on forests and atmosphere. How can art mediate the complex themes dealing with ecological questions like climate change and what new can art bring into the field of science? What kind of projects between art and science have there been already and what might we expect in the future? Executive director Paula Toppila (IHME), Executive director Erich Berger (Bioart Society) and Curator Ulla Taipale (Climate Whirl arts program at INAR, University of Helsinki) share their thoughts in the discussion. In English.

6-10 pm THE BEETLE film nonstop screening

Artist Henrik Håkanssons’s film THE BEETLE was the IHME’s commissioned artwork in 2018. The protagonist of the film is the endangered beetle Hylochares cruentatus, a species that is only met in Vantaa, Finland. Entomologist, professor Jyrki Muona was the scientific advisor of the film. The experimental electronic music in the film is from the live concert of Mika Vainio from year 2015.  THE BEETLE was previously available at Yle Areena until May 2019.

6-10 pm Ask from the Eco-coordinator!

Come and meet the IHME’s new Eco-coordinator who designs and implements ecologically sustainable solutions for IHME’s productions. Eco-coordinator also shares ideas for sustainable actions.

8-9 pm IHME panel meeting

IHME’s client panel is renewed and seeking for new members to join the action. In the meetings we get to know art such as the future IHME commissioned projects, comment the accessibility of the IHME’s program and get to know more about the science in the background of the IHME commissions. We also rehearse everyday ecological actions inspired by the IHME Projects. Come join us and find out more! More info here.

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The Night of Science

Sofia Future Farm, Teesalonki, Sofiankatu 4 c