New intern introduces herself

Smiling woman the new intern introduces herself
Anna Hämäläinen is IHME Helsinki’s intern for the spring 2023. Image: Saara Moisio

Hi! I’m Anna Hämäläinen, IHME Helsinki’s new intern and a Cultural Studies student at the University of Helsinki. I started my internship last week and during the spring I will be assisting with IHME’s communications, new website, and production of IHME Helsinki 2023 Commission Chicago Boys – While We Were Singing, They Were Dreaming.

The internship is part of my Bachelor’s degree, in which I have particularly focused on Area and Cultural Studies, as well as on multidisciplinary environmental research. I am very interested in the relationship between culture and the natural environment, and in the cultural and social significance of art. Besides studying, I have, for instance, been part of the working group for the CULTUREELS Ethnographic Film Festival.

I recently returned from Amsterdam, where I completed six-month exchange studies and enjoyed the city’s rich cultural life. After a few nights on trains, I found myself here in IHME Helsinki’s office last week.

I applied to be an intern at IHME Helsinki because I felt that here I could combine my interests in social and ecological responsibility, working in the cultural sector, and understanding the connections between people, the environment and art. I am delighted by IHME Helsinki’s fresh approach to contemporary art, as well as by the values and goals on which IHME’s operations are based. I am excited about the opportunity to take a closer look at the field of contemporary art in the form of an internship. I expect it will help improve my communications and marketing skills, and give me greater familiarity with the production side of contemporary art.