Commissioned texts

Embodied Sensing or Divination by Camera

Geomancers Screening Programme was shown in Helsinki in October 2022. Image from Liu Chuang, Can Sound be Currency? (2021) film still.

Moving People and Images Journal asked artist, architect and researcher Samir Bhowmik for a critique of our Geomancers screening, which celebrated IHME’s 15th anniversary. In his article Embodied Sensing or Divination by Camera? Bhowmik goes through the nine video works screened, which raised a lot of questions in him regarding the relationship between humankind, the environment and technology. The screening also made him think about our desire to use the consciousness of indigenous people now that we have already lost our own connection with the land: “What use we have of folk tales and mythical beings when digital logics and ubiquitous connectivity, (literally, the extensions of colonial surveying techniques) drive humanity today? What use we have of practices of geomancy apart from relishing them as cultural histories and curiosities?”


Read Samir Bhowmik's review of the Geomancers Screening Programme in English on MPI-Journal website.

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