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IHME Helsinki 2023 Chicago Boys 5/6: Matokallio forest 20.5.

Chicago Boys amateur band practicing outside
Chicago Boys public rehearsal in Stansvik forest and village community. Photo: Elina Manninen.

Chicago Boys – public rehearsal in Matokallio forest and Myllykylän kylätalo


The fifth public rehearsals of IHME Helsinki Commission 2023 Chicago Boys – While We Were Singing, They Were Dreaming will take place in Matokallio forest and Myllykylän kylätalo on Saturday 20.5. from 6 pm to 9.30 pm. Rehearsal begins with a guided tour to Matokallio by Matokallio activists Marjaana Paju and Tiina Autti. Meeting point for the tour is the main entrance of Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Languages (Kajaaninlinnantie 10) and the tour ends to Myllykylän kylätalo (Ryynimyllynkatu 1).

We warmly welcome everyone to follow the rehearsals or to join the band in playing music and discussing the links between the economy, environmental crisis and the everyday.

Matokallio, which borders Myllypuro in Helsinki, is an old valuable forest and rocky area. The forest has been defined as the core forest of the regional forest network connection between Viikki and Mustavuori, which maintains the forests’ biodiversity. Matokallio is also the only remaining nearby forest in the area and thus an important outdoor recreation and learning environment for children in kindergartens, schools and residents in the area. However, a plot of land has been zoned in the forest for an indoor speed skating rink with a parking area as early as the beginning of the 2000s. In its meeting on 17 April  2023, the Helsinki City Council decided to continue the development reservation for the indoor skating rink project in Matokallio, despite great opposition. The decision has been criticized from the point of view of urban ecology, and alternative locations for the hall are still being sought. However, Matokallio is still under threat, so come to talk and play music for the local forest.

The amateur band has learned to play, among other things, the following songs:

Bella Ciao! (will be sung in Finnish, Chinese and Farsi)
Tuuli se taivutti koivun larvan (Finnish folk song, will be sung in Finnish)
Aman, hey Aman (Kurdish folk song)
Matokallio rock for Matokallio Rock (tune: Rock around the clock, will be sung in Finnish and English)
Keinu kanssani / Sway (will be sung in Finnish and English)
A song for endangered species in Kalevala meter (tune: Vakavanha Väinämöinen, will be sung in Finnish)

The list will be supplemented while the project is ongoing and suggestions for new songs are welcomed. Welcome to join the band with or without your instrument!



18:00 – 19:00 Guided Tour to Matokallio forest, starts from the main entrance of Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Languages (Kajaaninlinnantie 10)

19:00 – 21:30 Eating together, discussing and sharing stories about the meaning of Matokallio along with playing music together in Myllykylän kylätalo / village hall (Ryynimyllynkatu 1). You may bring your own food to the event. We will provide cutlery.

Free admission!

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