IHME's carbon footprint and ecological guidelines

Nature tour on IHME Festival 2018, photo: Veikko Somerpuro.

Carbon footprint


We have calculated the carbon footprint of IHME using the calculator created by Hiilifiksu järjestö (carbon-smart organization) project. The calculator is divided into: energy, transport, purchases, waste and services. It uses the latest data on the climate impacts of flying and food. You can read more about the calculations in Ecoblog posts in the section Read and listen.

The carbon footprint is often divided into three different categories (scopes 1, 2 and 3), depending on how much the organisation itself can influence emissions. This classification is used in the widely used GHG Protocol method. Most emissions produced by IHME are indirect emissions. There are no direct energy emissions (Scope 1), because we work in rented premises and do not own a car. There are indirect energy emissions (Scope 2) that are generated by the district heating of the office. The electricity we use at the office is renewable wind power.

For indirect emissions (Scope 3), we have included the following sources of emissions: employee, artist and audience travel, artwork transportation, emissions from waste management, and the following purchased products and services: printed materials, mailing services, food and catering, cleaning, information technology and web services.

Read more about the carbon footprint of IHME:

Ecological guidelines of IHME


Read below our guidelines to reducing the environmental impact of art productions and events from the perspective of an art commissioning agency.

IHME Helsinki environmental pledge


IHME Helsinki

  • combines art, science and climate work in commissioned artworks that promote the cultural change needed in this time of environmental crisis
  • promotes ecosocial learning through participatory artworks, events, and communications
  • monitors and reduces the greenhouse gas emissions from its own operations, and compensates for their effects on the climate and biodiversity
  • develops ecologically sustainable operating models and shares information about its environmental work


Sustainability in IHME