Frozen water and the politics of “cold”


Frozen water and the politics of “cold”


In this fourth episode IHME Helsinki’s Advisory Board member, Professor Jussi Parikka discusses with the artist, researcher Susan Schuppli. In her work, the Britain-resident Susan Schuppli studies the material evidence of conflicts, environmental destruction, and climate change. In this podcast, she will talk about her latest research and her works, which deal with research on the subject of frozen water and the politics of “cold”.


Producer & editor: Paula Toppila
Hosts and guests: Jussi Parikka & Susan Schuppli
Sound mixing: Lucio Celomundo


Members of IHME Helsinki’s Advisory Board are hosting a series of podcasts on the themes of Art, Science and Ecology. They discuss new approaches in art and in the lives of artists and art institutions responding to the environmental crisis. How can we raise awareness and activate our audiences, reduce our carbon emissions, create a more sustainable art world, and promote a cultural shift in which less is more?

IHME acknowledges that the climate crisis and loss of biodiversity are also crises for the art world, and that this alarming situation requires immediate changes in thinking and action. At the current rate of carbon-dioxide emissions humankind will have used up our carbon budget within seven years.

The podcast is produced in collaboration with Helsinki Open Waves.

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IHME Helsinki podcast: Art, Science, Ecology

Frozen water and the politics of “cold”

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