IHME Helsinki’s

Safer Space Guidelines


IHME Helsinki follows safer space guidelines at its events – come as you are. These safer space guidelines and our commitment to them are intended to ensure that everyone at our events respects the self-determination, mental and physical boundaries, integrity and right to non-discrimination of all participants. We try to follow these principles to ensure that everyone can be themselves at our events, while also being aware of their responsibility for creating a safer space. We recognise the existence of biases and privileges. Inequality is a widespread problem, and consequently we often unwittingly reinforce unequal structures. By being aware of the following guidelines, we strive to create a more equal and safer space:

  • We do not accept discrimination (racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, cis-sexism) or any other demeaning behaviour or language.
  • We try to avoid making assumptions about each other’s gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion, disability, social class, wealth, sexuality, health and possible illnesses. If we make assumptions, we apologize, correct what we have said, and move on.
  • We respect everyone’s physical and emotional boundaries. We give people space. We ask before we touch, and we listen and change our behaviour if someone expresses discomfort.
  • We do not accept violence. We remember that violence can take many forms, such as intimidation.
  • We respect each other’s privacy. We follow good practices when photographing or filming in public. We always ask for permission before documenting or publishing visual material featuring other people.
  • We are responsible for the language and behaviour we use. We recognize that our actions have an impact on others, regardless of what their purpose is.
  • We strive to ensure that everyone can participate in the discussion. We don’t discount other people’s opinions and we point it out if someone does. We treat sensitive topics with respect.
  • We accept new topics, people and perspectives without prejudice. We approach every issue and situation that comes our way as an opportunity to learn something new and to develop.
  • We follow the rules of a constructive conversation: (1.) Listen to the others, do not interrupt or start additional discussions., (2.) Relate what you say to what the others have said and use everyday language, (3.) Tell about your own experience., (4.) Talk to the others directly and ask about their views, (5.) Be present and respect the others and the confidentiality of the discussion, (6.) Find and bring together. Boldly deal with emerging conflicts and find issues that have gone unnoticed. Talk to the others directly and ask about their views. (source: Timeout Foundation)

If you encounter or notice harassment, discrimination or bad behaviour at an event, please tell a member of staff at the event. These guidelines will be checked and updated as necessary, and we are also happy to receive feedback on them.

These guidelines have been created jointly by the staff of IHME Helsinki. The following sources have been used to help define them:

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